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Every Life Counts : Vicky

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On Wednesday 7th February the Commission for Studies organised a study day for the Irish Province of the Dominican Order on the issue of the referendum to amend the Irish Constitution which proposes to remove the right to life of the unborn. 

Five speakers addressed the study day:

  • Fr. John Harris OP of the Studium presented the Thomistic understanding of human law.
  • Prof. Gerry Whyte of Trinity College Dublin presented the profound legal ramifications of the proposed amendment.
  • Ms. Maria Steen, a barrister at law and an accomplished journalist and social commentator presented the political background to the amendment and its disturbing effects on culture politically, socially and medically.
  • Finally two brave mothers from Every Life Counts, Tracy and Vicky, shared their own personal stories as parents of children who were diagnosed with a terminal condition.  They put a very human face on the issues that we will have to preach about and give guidance on. 

We invite you to listen to the talks and to reflect seriously on the issues involved and support the campaign to save the lives of babies by helping to defeat the referendum to repeal Article 4.3.3. of the Irish Constitution. 

This forth talk is by Vicky from Every Life Counts (https://www.everylifecounts.ie)

Publication Date: 2018-02-09 09:31:35
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