Opening Academic Year 2016

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This short video shows a recording of homily given by Fr. John Harris OP at the Mass for the Opening of the Academic Year 2016-1217.

The Irish Dominican Province has its own theology Studium, or House of Studies located in the north city center of Dublin. St. Saviour’s Priory houses the student brothers during the years of their initial formation and intellectual studies leading to their ordination to the priesthood. Apart from the brothers of the Irish Dominican Province brothers from the Provinces of Malta and Poland as well as a student from the Benedictine Silverstream Priory in Co. Meath and a Conventual Franciscan from Fairview finishing off his studies as he prepared for his priestly ordination..

(Appologies for the short disruptions in the recorded audio caused by electronic interference)

Publication Date: 2016-10-05 06:35:29
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