A day in the life of the Dominican Studium, Dublin, Ireland

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When talking about with people about the vocation to religious life, and specifically the Dominican Life, one of the recurring questions is what a day in the life of a Dominican Brother is like. So we took a camera into our Studium in Dublin to give a taste of what the day in the life of a student brother of the Dominican Order is like.

Naturally the routine for the brothers who have completed their studies the day is slightly is different as they go about their own ministries. But the general structure, where communal prayers form the hinges of the day would be what constitutes the fundamental aspect of a day as a Dominican brother.

Our Studium, the place where we do our theological formation, is located in St. Saviour's Priory, Dublin 1, Ireland.

If you would like to know more about the vocation as a Dominican, contact the Vocation Director on vocations@dominicans.ie.

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Publication Date: 2017-11-19 03:03:27
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