The Light of Truth - 60

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This week on the Light of Truth Fr. Luuk O.P. continues with the reflection on the journey of the Early Church, this week looking at the spreading of the Early Church after Pentecost as described in the Act of The Apostle.

The music played in the live program on Radio Maria was:

  • Alive Again - Alive Again - Matt Maher
  • Breathe - Everything is Changing - Jonny Diaz
  • If We are Honest - If We are Honest - Francesca Battistelli

Please send any comments or any question to lightoftruth@dominicans.ie and we will take them into account in the programs to come. The programs can also be listed to in the Podcast App on an iPhone or iPad when searching for the channel of "Dominicans Interactive".

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Publication Date: 2018-05-02 07:07:28
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